Monday, October 25, 2010

Workaround for Mouse stuck in X windows

I had an issue with my macbook pro 5,5 running debian squeeze where the mouse would get stuck after moving to my second screen. It seems to be a common issue with X.
After messing around with xinput,halm xset etc, I finally got a workaround by using the python script from here.

Using the -n arguement switches you & your pointer out of the jailed screen. You may find it useful to bind it to a shortcut key.

$ tail -n 3 ~/.fluxbox/keys
#Woohooo - Workaround for stupid pointer
Control Shift N :ExecCommand /home/lmwangi/bin/ -n

Now pressing ctrl-shift-n just switches me back to the other screen. It might make sense to modify the script so that it monitors your proximity to an edge of your jailing screen and auto-switches you to inaccessible screen.

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